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If you ordered products that were marked as "preorder" or have an "ETA" note on them, it is best to contact us for a more accurate production date. We are aiming to minimise preorder times, and soon eliminate preorders alltogether on our most popular products.

In our shipping process for preordered items, we need to generate the shipping labels as a whole, rather than one at a time. This means that as the batch is progressively completed, some tracking may become active while others are still not shipped.

If you have received an email with a tracking number, you can be sure that your preorder in not far away from shipping - even if tracking remains unregistered for a week or so.

Many devices that support MIDI control have a set of default values or unchangeable values. These are called "hard-assigned" MIDI commands.

Other devices (especially the more modern and more powerful devices) have "soft-assigned" commands. This means that there are no defaults. Each individual user must set their own MIDI commands for each parameter as desired.

Our device library is aimed at devices with hard-assigned MIDI commands. These pre-set commands are often listed in a PDF user manual or on a webpage or on an old paper ("what's paper, Dad?") manual. You would then normally find the parameter you want to control, type them into your controller or its config software, and then check that it works.

Our Device Library takes that headache and turns it into a few simple clicks. In our desktop editor app, you can select your device from a list of brands, select the parameter you want to control, and all the MIDI values for that command will automatically map to the switch you're programming. Easy!

Our device library is currently over 370 devices, and over 25,000 MIDI commands! you canview the full list here.

If a device you own or manufacture is not on ourdevice list, and it has default or pre-set MIDI commands, pleasecontact usand let us know! We'll add it in straight away.

We're always looking for new ideas. We love implementing features that people actually want! That's why we have a public discussion forum and idea submission page where you can see what we're planning and vote on ideas.

You're also welcome to toss an idea around in our Facebook group with other users. Doing that can help the idea mature before you submit it to the ideas page.

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