uLoop - 4-Ch Bypass and MIDI Interface

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Please note: µLOOP has been discontinued. A new version with different features is coming up. Please follow our social pages or sign up for email notifications of new products. 

This page will remain up for existing customers to find descriptions, specifications, and user manuals more easily. User manuals and other help content can be found at learn.piratemidi.com

4 mono loops or 2 stereo loops in an enclosure that fits under the smallest pedalboards - only 22mm thick. Plus a USB MIDI Interface!

This MIDI-controlled bypass looper and USB MIDI interface is unmatched for its compact size and its affordability. 

True bypass loops, and a stereo buffered output with JFET muting for silent switching.

Split-Y TRS to TS cables needed to access 4 mono loops.

Current Draw: 250 mA

Width: 129 mm

Depth: 57 mm

Height: 22 mm

Weight: 190 g

Color: Black

All PIRATE MIDI devices are covered by a 12 month warranty for manufacturing defects and unreasonable wear of parts.

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Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Davies
A fantastic pedal looper that wont' take up half your pedalboard

I purchased the uloop to run into 1 of the FX loops of my HX effects, expanding it to 4. The small foot print and very easy-to-program midi functions made this appealing. Once shipped from Australia it took just over a week to get to me (I am in Toronto , Canada!) so great shipping time. There was a small issue upon receiving that was quickly identified and fixed with a firmware update. (thank you, Simon & Sam!). The size of the looper will allow it to fit under the smallest of pedal boards, Can be used in 2 stereo loops or 4 mono (my current setup). Compared to other similar products on the market the size, price, and functionality just cannot be beat.