BRIDGE6 MIDI Foot Controller

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  • 100 Banks
  • 16-character/symbol bank names
  • 80+ Messages per switch, per bank
  • Connect up to 4 expression pedals, each with 12+ MIDI messages each, per bank
  • Up to 6 aux switch inputs
  • Multiple switch states (press, release, hold, hold release, double press, toggle, sequential, scrolling)
  • 8-character/symbol Scribble strip displays
  • Powerful switch groups for making switches interact with each other in unique ways
  • Powerful MIDI LFOs
  • Use the web editor or the device menus for easy configuration
  • Device Library database of 375+ effects, amps, apps, and synths

Current Draw: 200 mA

Width: 160 mm

Depth: 94 mm

Height: 63 mm

Weight: 550 g

Color: Black

All PIRATE MIDI devices are covered by a 12 month warranty for manufacturing defects and unreasonable wear of parts.

Australian consumers are additionally covered by Australian consumer law, giving extended protections for the life of the product according to the relevant legislation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jonathan Whitcomb
At last!

The Bridge 6 fulfills a decades-long wish for a compact, no-compromise foot controlled guitar rig.

I've had several MIDI foot controllers over the years (actually decades), but none let me keep the controller's foot switch status lights in sync with my multi-effects unit (currently a Boss GT1000CORE). I can finally do this with the Bridge6. Even better, the Bridge6 display labels shows what each switch is doing.

The Bridge6 provides great flexibility in its configuration, yet the provided web-app is very intuitive. I’ve been able to set up fairly complex operations in a short amount of time. I’m constantly finding ways to improve access to my MIDI devices that allow me to minimize tap-dancing and instead focusing on my performance. I have also set up configurations that let me easily explore combinations of settings on my MIDI devices (e.g., stacking distortions and effects blocks), letting the Bridge6 act as an inspiration generator to quickly dial up sounds without menu diving. The scrolling and sequence settings are great for this. Finally, a MIDI foot controller that is compact, powerful, and intuitive to use and configure!

Absolutely amazing and worth the wait

I spend weeks researching, planning, and watching videos of midi controllers. Of course the favorite being the Morningstars, but it wasn't until I came across the Pirate midi bridge that I felt like the Morningstar had actual competition. Instead of paying the price that scalpers we're selling on reverb, I opted for the Pirate Bridge 6

After waiting and a quick email response, I finally got the pedal in my hands and put onto my guitar/bass combo board. Immediately I could tell that this was exactly what I was looking for. A smooth and clear interface, easy connection to my computer, and sturdy craftsmanship of the pedal itself, this pedal is awesome! It's made my board so much better and easier to use.

Keep up the good work!

Blake Paradise
Awesome midi controller and company

Have had a few different midi controllers over the years, but the pirate midi bridge 6 is much more flexible and user friendly. The support from pirate midi is top notch - quick responses, ongoing updates, etc.. Great product and company!

The complete package

The Bridge 6 is an incredible piece of kit that has let me control my guitar rig in watts never thought possible. I was a complete midi novice and managed to do everything I wanted and more in a few hours. I’m constantly thinking of new ways to use it. The web editor is a huge time saver and the Pirate MIDI team are very active, responsive, approachable and above all, super helpful. Very glad I invested in my Bridge 6..

Sangita Sakshatkara
Blank Slate

Wow... This pedal is incredibly powerful. Having a blank slate to fully program any MIDI devices you want. Multiple LED functions per switch. My first and last MIDI pedal controller.