WIDI Jack by CME

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Cable Pack 3.5mm TRS

Fully Standalone. Completely Wireless. 100% MIDI.

Add Bluetooth MIDI to all your MIDI devices. Connect pedals, controllers and instruments by utilising the different cable options. Add an external power supply via USB-c for unpowered MIDI ports and devices with only MIDI IN. Simply stick WIDI Jack to your device with the smart magnet and enjoy ultra low latency wireless MIDI.

WIDI Jack is your virtual MIDI interface

Bluetooth MIDI is the new wireless standard as approved by the MMA.

Now you can connect all your MIDI devices - even without computers - with WIDI Jack!

for more technical details and software downloads, visit CME's website

Note: as a small business, we only ship once per week. Time from order to shipping can very between 3-9 days.

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Weight: 20 g

Color: Blue unit, Black cables

All PIRATE MIDI devices are covered by a 12 month warranty for manufacturing defects and unreasonable wear of parts.

Australian consumers are additionally covered by Australian consumer law, giving extended protections for the life of the product according to the relevant legislation.

Customer Reviews

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E Saffy

Product good but took too long in transit.

Jesse Mansbridge
This thing is amazing

It does exactly what it says it does and makes midi so much easier. I basically just bought it so I didn't have to edit my pedalboard while sitting on the floor, and it was worth it even just for that. Highly recommend and have already done so to multiple people.