Huge Device Library Update!

Posted by Simon Glover on

First Major Update for Device Library

Over the last 18 months we've added newly released pedals as well as community suggestions in a trickle. That accounts for about 20 new additions. However this update adds 58 new effects processors the the database with all their MIDI commands that are set by default by the manufacturer. That's over 1,500 new MIDI commands at your fingertips without ever needing to go and find the user manuals!

Watch out for this new update appearing in our web editor in the next week or so. 

Notable additions: 

  • Chase Bliss MOOD MKII
  • Red Panda Bitmap 2
  • Jackson Audio New Wave & The Optimist
  • IK Multimedia ToneX
  • Blackstar Amplification Amped 2 & Amped 3
  • Poly Effects Josh Smith Flat V
  • Source Audio Atlas & Soundblox Pro pedals

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