New Learning Centre & Support Website

Posted by Simon Glover on


Today we're happy to invite you to visit our brand new and redesigned Learning Centre website. It contains tutorials, support information, firmware updates, and troubleshooting information for all our devices. 

Our Learning Centre will grow with tutorials and support information as we identify new commonly-used setups, new FAQs, and will of course be updated with all firmware update release notes. 


Firmware release notes are all found on a single page and can be filtered by product with a single click to filter down to the information you're looking for. 

Firmware updates no longer require any manual process and should be entirely managed by the updater app. After opening the app, we recommend waiting 30-60 seconds to give the app time to look for any updates to the updater app itself which may address issues with the update process. 


If you have any content suggestions for tutorials, support information, or FAQs, please let us know. You can contact us at or through our Discord server. 

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