BridgeOS v1.3.1 Released

Posted by Simon Glover on

BridgeOS v1.3.1 is here!

Update using our Firmware Updater App. Download it and read all release notes for all products at

New Features:

  • Set MIDI Clock tempos via external MIDI CC messages
  • New Sequential direction: random
  • New Scrolling direction: random
  • LFO random waveform
  • New Flexiport mode: Strymon Favourite Switch

Bug Fixes:

  • Sequential messages sometimes incorrectly transferred to device
  • Scrolling Linked - FS4(B4) FS6(B6) counter not updating
  • Blank switch groups not removed when sent from the editor
  • Switch Groups with 12 members could cause incorrect importing into editor due to serial TX buffer overflow

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