BRIDGE4 MIDI Foot Controller

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  • 100 Banks
  • 16-character/symbol bank names
  • 80+ Messages per switch, per bank
  • Connect up to 4 expression pedals, each with 12+ MIDI messages each, per bank
  • Up to 6 aux switch inputs
  • Multiple switch states (press, release, hold, hold release, double press, toggle, sequential, scrolling)
  • 8-character/symbol Scribble strip displays
  • Powerful switch groups for making switches interact with each other in unique ways
  • Powerful MIDI LFOs
  • Use the web editor or the device menus for easy configuration
  • Device Library database of 375+ effects, amps, apps, and synths

Current Draw: 200 mA

Width: 112 mm

Depth: 94 mm

Height: 63 mm

Weight: 500 g

Color: Black

All PIRATE MIDI devices are covered by a 12 month warranty for manufacturing defects and unreasonable wear of parts.

Australian consumers are additionally covered by Australian consumer law, giving extended protections for the life of the product according to the relevant legislation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amazing and versatile tool!

My BRIDGE4 fits perfectly on my small Gator pedalboard rig and pairs so well with my Line6 HX Stomp. Learning how to use the web editor (which has a nice, modern UI) took some time, but once I was up and running I was able to experience how amazing this MIDI controller truly is. I now am able to fully unleash the power of the HX Stomp while maintaining a pretty compact setup. My only suggestions would be to offer a gloss paint finish down the road and maybe tighten up the tolerances on the housing itself so there are less uneven edge overlaps/potentially sharp edges and less gaps around where the jacks come out on the back. Those are super minor things though. Overall, I’m a very happy customer and am excited for the future of this company. Keep up the great work!

Paulo Eduardo Sampaio
Well built, easy to use and flexible midi controller

I was looking for a MIDI controller to use my setup to its full potential. At the moment, I'm using it to control Strymon Iridium, Flint, Deco, and TC Electronic Plethora X3. Do controller does exactly what I wanted: Loads preset using program change messages and change parameters using control change messages. So, for my use case, I programmed it to press a switch to load everything at the beginning of the song (Iridium amp and cab, plethora board preset, flint reverb type, deco settings). Throughout the song, I press the other switches for section-specific changes (turn up the drive level and switch delay on solo, for instance). A long press on any switch summons up the plethora tuner.

I had no previous experience with MIDI pedals, but I found the programming using the online editor easy, straight forward, and honestly satisfying for someone who likes programming and general tech stuff. On the other hand, programming it on the pedal itself by pressing switches to scroll through the menus is not very user-friendly - but that's why the online editor is there.

When I first bought it (Oct 23), there were some issues with the firmware that took a while to solve, understandable when you realize this is such a small team. Now it is stable and working beautifully. The team, although small, is very active and supportive on Discord, quickly helping and solving any issues.

I am happy to support small companies with creative solutions, and I recommend the Bridge4 or 6 to anyone with a use case similar to mine (which just uses a small portion of the controller potential) or even for more complex scenarios since there are a lot of message types available on the unit. I always see creative uses from the community on the Discord server, so I am sure it can deal with many use cases.

Randy Janeshek
The Bridge4 just makes sense

I've looked at many, and used a few other midi controllers on the market and The Bridge4 is the only one that really offered an architecture that allows me to use midi the way I want to.

The Pirate guys are a bit Rogue at times and their devices aren't perfect but they are committed to continual improvement to make these the most capable midi controllers out there.

Best in Show

Outstanding unit that packs every midi feature bar turning your hallway lights on and off. If there's any feature that it can't currently do, expect the best customer support service in the business to get it added for you (via Discord support page). Only issue I have with it is that I don't have more than one, but I expect that to change when the Bridge 1 is released (wink, wink). As Molly once said "do yourself a favour" and just get one.

Bill Thompson
Great controller at a very good price

You can't beat the feature set on this. I have the Bridge 4 but was tempted to get the 6. Two clocks and two assignable Flexi ports. If you have more that 16 midi devices you can control them with use of one of the flexi ports as a midi out. Also does tap tempo.

If you are on the fence, pull the trigger on this. Morning Star is awesome but Bridge 4 just kills it.

It would be cool to have a larger version for us old guys that are used to larger midi pedals and 8 or 10 perhaps. I'd buy it. Just saying.

Support is great, and it has an editor.

5 stars.

Keep up the awesome work.