BRIDGE Firmware Update v1.2.0

Posted by Simon Glover on

Device Link + More!

Firmware v1.2.0 adds plenty of new features as well as vital bug fixes and improvements to the web editor and onboard experience. 

Instructions for updating are found at our Learning Centre.

Please note that if you have hardware revision v1.1.3 (Menu>System>HW) you will need to apply this firmware to use the web editor. 

Update Changelog: 

Please make sure that you perform a factory reset by navigating to menu System->Reset->Factory->Yes directly after loading this firmware otherwise the device will not function correctly. Make sure that your device profile is backed up before doing this.

New features:

  • Configurable boot delay time
  • Configurable Hold time
  • Toggle On and Toggle Off messages now available for both bank and global Aux switches
  • Power on message stack (actioned after boot delay)
  • Device Link initial implementation
  • Flexiport MIDI output modes now have UI indicators


  • Flexiport mode selection now shows current mode and new menu style
  • Switch group member size increased to 2x the number of footswitches (12 for Bridge6 and 8 for Bridge4)
  • Secondary Toggle On/Off stack sizes reduced to 8

Bugs fixed:

  • USB CDC used for editor communication fixed for Bridge6 Hardware Version v1.1.3
  • LFO settings incorrectly triggering when configured via the editor
  • MIDI Clock B LED not pulsing correctly
  • User-adjustable hold time not persistent after a reset when configured via the editor
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2022 Giveaways - Win a uLoop or CLiCK!

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Merry Christmas! 

With the end of the year upon us and the season for gift-giving just around the corner, we've decided to run not one, but TWO giveaways! 

Review Giveaway

The first giveaway is going to be a random draw of three winners drawn on the 31st of January. 

To enter, you must be the owner a PIRATE MIDI product, and submit a legitimate review for your products to the relevant product pages using the "Write a review" button shown in the screenshot below. 

There are no multiple entries for this draw. If you review two or more products, you will still receive one entry in the random draw.

There are no requirements on the content of the review, but please note that the review should be made as a genuine entry to be helpful for future customers. 

Survey Giveaway

This giveaway is open to anyone - you don't need to own a PIRATE MIDI device. It's a 10-15 minute survey with questions about our service, devices, and asking for feedback and suggestions for updates, development etc.

There are only two or three mandatory questions in the survey, all the others are optional. Email address is not mandatory in the survey, but it is mandatory for being entered into the prize draw. 

Entries will close on the 31st of January, and 3 winners will be drawn. "Donkey-votes" (i.e. submissions with nonsensical answers only) will be disqualified from entry. 

Go to the Survey Now


For both draws, the prize draws are separate, but the prizes will be the same

1st Draw: 1x µLoop - our brand new Relay Bypass Looper and MIDI Interface
2nd Draw: 1x CLiCK - our brand new Relay Switcher and MIDI Interface
3rd Draw: $50 USD store credit for

If you have any questions, please contact us -

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Firmware v1.1.3 Released

Posted by Simon Glover on

The latest release of the BridgeOS firmware is available through the normal update process. No factory reset necessary. 


  • Carry-over switch actions no longer trigger on bank navigation events

Bugs fixed:

  • Inverse expression sweeps returned incorrectly by the editor app (API)
  • Tap Tempo invalid name assignment fixed from zero-indexed numbering
  • Sequential step message offset fixed when applying from the editor
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New Products! CLiCK & uLoop

Posted by Simon Glover on

Let's give a warm welcome to the newest, skinniest kids on the block!

Both 22mm thin, both able to be used as USB MIDI interfaces, and both able to be controlled by just connecting a triple Aux switch - no MIDI actually required! 

The CLiCK is a relay interface for switching anything - amp channels, aux jacks, external switches etc. It will fit just about anywhere and with two relays (one for the tip, and one for the ring) you can control two TS jacks, or one TRS jack. Super cool! 

µLoop is different. It's an audio product - our first released at PIRATE MIDI, but not the first that we've ever built. It's a MIDI-controlled relay bypass looper with 2 stereo or 4 mono channels and it's the smallest thing available by a long way. To be able to fit 4 mono bypass channels under a Pedaltrain Nano is insane. But here we are anyway! 

They're both open for preorder now, and they will ship in December/January - just a couple of months. 

Bundle 2 and save $20.

Australian retailers will also be getting stock when they're built. 

Thanks for all the support. It's awesome to make devices you need and want to use. 

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Firmware v1.1.1 and Web Editor Released!

Posted by Simon Glover on

Our Web Editor has launched and amazing new firmware and features to go along with it!
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