Web Editor Updates

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New Features! 

We recently updated the Web Editor to include some powerful new features and user-experience improvement. You can use the editor without a device, so feel free to go play around with it


  • New Styling/Fonts
  • Copy/Paste for banks, switches, and individual messages
  • Click-to-type in the device outline for bank names and switch labels
  • New firmware features from v1.2.0, 1.2.1, and 1.2.2 added to settings
  • Added Tempo switch labels when setting a switch mode to Tap Tempo
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Preorder Status Updates and Shipping ETA's

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We know you're excited to receive your new PIRATE MIDI products, but with a two-man team we're limited in the number of units we can produce at a time. 

We get heaps of questions about preorder statuses and shipping ETA's. 

Direct messages and emails only slow us down, so we decided to create a page you can check anytime you're itching for an update. We'll update it anytime there's a change in our production timeframes. 

Our production batches often sell out before they're all assembled, so we encourage you to place a preorder as soon as you can. It means we can make more accurate production estimates, and it means you won't have to wait until the next batch. 

Here's the link to our Preorders Status page.

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2023 BRIDGE Update Roadmap

Posted by Simon Glover on

Updates Galore

We are thrilled to announce our roadmap for all the exciting updates and enhancements that we have planned for our BridgeOS firmware in 2023!

We're already hard at work in 2023 to bring you an improved experience. We are committed to delivering innovative features that will make your device more efficient, powerful, and user-friendly than ever before.

In this graphic, we present our 2023 development roadmap, showcasing the upcoming firmware updates that will take your BRIDGE MIDI controller to the next level. Join us in celebrating the future of BridgeOS, and get ready to experience the latest and greatest in MIDI controllers.

2023 BridgeOS Roadmap


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BRIDGE Firmware Update v1.2.0

Posted by Simon Glover on

Device Link + More!

Firmware v1.2.0 adds plenty of new features as well as vital bug fixes and improvements to the web editor and onboard experience. 

Instructions for updating are found at our Learning Centre.

Please note that if you have hardware revision v1.1.3 (Menu>System>HW) you will need to apply this firmware to use the web editor. 

Update Changelog: 

Please make sure that you perform a factory reset by navigating to menu System->Reset->Factory->Yes directly after loading this firmware otherwise the device will not function correctly. Make sure that your device profile is backed up before doing this.

New features:

  • Configurable boot delay time
  • Configurable Hold time
  • Toggle On and Toggle Off messages now available for both bank and global Aux switches
  • Power on message stack (actioned after boot delay)
  • Device Link initial implementation
  • Flexiport MIDI output modes now have UI indicators


  • Flexiport mode selection now shows current mode and new menu style
  • Switch group member size increased to 2x the number of footswitches (12 for Bridge6 and 8 for Bridge4)
  • Secondary Toggle On/Off stack sizes reduced to 8

Bugs fixed:

  • USB CDC used for editor communication fixed for Bridge6 Hardware Version v1.1.3
  • LFO settings incorrectly triggering when configured via the editor
  • MIDI Clock B LED not pulsing correctly
  • User-adjustable hold time not persistent after a reset when configured via the editor
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Firmware v1.1.3 Released

Posted by Simon Glover on

The latest release of the BridgeOS firmware is available through the normal update process. No factory reset necessary. 


  • Carry-over switch actions no longer trigger on bank navigation events

Bugs fixed:

  • Inverse expression sweeps returned incorrectly by the editor app (API)
  • Tap Tempo invalid name assignment fixed from zero-indexed numbering
  • Sequential step message offset fixed when applying from the editor
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